ANL, Fermilab and UChicago meeting in One West – today

In an ongoing effort to keep Illinois a science powerhouse, Fermilab, Argonne and University of Chicago scientists continue to look for future collaborative opportunities.

More than 70 scientists from the three institutions will meet Monday, Dec. 12, at Fermilab in the One West conference room at Wilson Hall for the 10th joint meeting, organized to share ideas about future projects and the institutions’ strategic plans.

The meetings, started in 2006 by Fermilab and Argonne, initially focused on accelerator R&D. Recent meetings involved RF superconductors, detector and computing efforts, and this time the primary focus is on detector R&D. A series of research grants provided by the University of Chicago has led to joint projects in other research areas as well.

Current projects covered in the meeting include a trigger upgrade for the Atlas experiment, development of the Illinois Accelerator Research Center (IARC), improvement of PET scanners through a new photodetection system and work on a cosmological computing initiative. Scientists will also delve into biology with discussions on biomass and biomolecular systems.

“Our collaborative efforts have been broader and deeper,” said Young-Kee Kim, Fermilab’s deputy director. “At this meeting we will also try to evaluate collaborative efforts and collaboration meetings for future directions.”

Brad Hooker