MiniBooNE achieves record

The Main Control Room in the Accelerator Complex at Fermilab. Photo: Reidar Hahn

In the early morning hours of Sept. 28, the MiniBooNE experiment surpassed a special milestone. It collected data from 1021 protons on target in anti-neutrino mode. This is significant because for every 1016 protons on target, there are approximately two antineutrino events produced in the detector. Thus, the more protons on target the more antineutrinos produced for analysis. This milestone was delivered by Accelerator Division, and the huge number of protons resulting from stable running over the course of many years. It is equivalent to almost two milligrams of protons accelerated to the speed of light. This is an amazing achievement and reflects the hard work and dedication of AD.

This is a lot of data, but we are not done yet. Given the low rate of antineutrino production, we need to collect 1.5 x 1021 protons on target to produce enough data to reach our analysis goal. Adding up all the neutrino, antineutrino and special runs over the last decade, we have a total of 1.8 x 1021 protons on target, which puts us at the extreme edge of the intensity frontier. The MiniBooNE personnel look forward to further running and, with the outstanding help of AD, to continue pushing the limits of the Intensity Frontier.