Some Fermilab roads closed for winter starting today

Starting today the Main Ring road will be closed. Tentatively starting on Monday, Dec. 12, through March 19, North Eola Road and Wilson Road will be closed. This schedule is delayed a week from the original start date of Dec. 5 to have the time to finish Fermilab’s on-site corn harvest, which was postponed due to an equipment failure. Those two roads need to remain open to allow the large grain trucks access to the harvest.

Some roads on site will be closed all winter, from Dec. 12 to March 19. With the road closures, crews can maintain the same level of service in critical areas of the site. North Eola Road from Batavia Road to C Road East and Wilson Road from McChesney to B Road will be closed for the winter. In addition, Main Ring Road will be closed to all travel except for emergency and service vehicles. Limited snow removal service in the Main Ring will only provide access for these vehicles. Service levels and access will not change in the F4/A0 and C0 areas.

Establishing these no-service areas will allow for better and more frequent snow removal efforts in high-priority snow removal locations while still reducing overall cost. In addition, the use of less salt and less fuel will have a positive environmental effect.