2011 Fermilab scientists emeritus

Several scientists, retired from Fermilab, received the title of scientist emeritus. It’s a status of honor granted in the recognition of the scientist’s contributions to the laboratory over his or her career. They are all invited to continue scientific connections with the laboratory, and they each belong to a division or center and may receive Fermilab resources as appropriate.

Name email Division/Center Division/Center Head
Charles Ankenbrandt (Chuck) ankenbrandt@fnal.gov APC V. Shiltsev
William Bardeen (Bill) bardeen@fnal.gov PPD M. Lindgren
Dixon Bogert bogert@fnal.gov AD R. Dixon
Charles Brown (Chuck) chuckb@fnal.gov AD R. Dixon
Richard Carrigan (Dick) carrigan@fnal.gov AD R. Dixon
Helen Edwards hedwards@fnal.gov AD R. Dixon
Eugene Fisk (Gene) hefisk@fnal.gov PPD M. Lindgren
Norman Gelfand gelfand@fnal.gov APC V. Shiltsev
Hans Jostlein jostlein@fnal.gov PPD M. Lindgren
Moyses Kuchnir mkuchnir@verizon.net TD G. Apollinari
Joseph Lach (Joe) lach@fnal.gov PPD M. Lindgren
James MacLachlan (Jim) maclachlan@fnal.gov AD R. Dixon
Ernest Malamud (Ernie) malamud@foothill.net AD R. Dixon
Peter Mazur mazur@fnal.gov TD G. Apollinari
Thomas Nash (Tom) nash@fnal.gov CD V. White
Charles Schmidt (Chuck) cschmidt@fnal.gov AD R. Dixon
Lee Teng teng@aps.anl.gov APC V. Shiltsev
Alan Wehmann wehmann@fnal.gov AD R. Dixon
John Yoh johny@fnal.gov PPD M. Lindgren