Fermilab’s “Plan for Discovery”

Fermilab’s “Plan for Discovery” is now available online and in the Office of Communication.

What does the future hold for Fermilab? A new document, “A Plan for Discovery,” answers this question by describing the laboratory’s scientific strategy for the next two decades. The strategy encompasses a suite of experiments and accelerator facilities that keep the laboratory, and the United States, at the forefront of particle physics research. It builds on the record of excellence in scientific research and technological innovation that Fermilab employees and users have established over the course of four decades. It makes the best possible use of the laboratory’s existing world-class accelerators and experiments, computing capabilities and technical infrastructure. The strategy as outlined in “A Plan for Discovery” is also pragmatic and flexible enough to meet the challenges posed by new discoveries and changing worldwide economic realities.

Copies of “A Plan for Discovery” are being mailed to all Fermilab employees. The document can also be downloaded and ordered online. Copies are also available in the Office of Communication on the atrium level of Wilson Hall.