FermiMail migration update

After successfully migrating all Exchange 2007 users to FermiMail, the FermiMail team in the Core Computing Division has begun to migrate IMAP and Lotus Domino users.

IMAP migration will take place over the next three months. IMAP users, you will receive an email with more details from the Service Desk about two weeks before your migration day. After your mailbox is migrated to FermiMail, you must reconfigure your local email client. Instructions on how to do so are posted on the FermiMail website under the heading “What to expect from migration.”

The FermiMail team recommends that users configure their email client using the MAPI protocol, since it provides an integrated email and calendar service. However, IMAP configuration is still available.

Configure your email client to use MAPI with Mac Mail, Outlook 2010 or Outlook 2011.

If you choose to configure your client using the IMAP/SMTP protocol, you must subscribe to your newly migrated IMAP mail folders. Instructions are available on this page under the heading “IMAP folder subscription.”

The schedule for the Lotus Domino mailbox migration is being finalized with the Business Services and Finance Sections and is expected to begin next month. Before migration, users will receive email from the Service Desk with more details.

If you need help, please call the Service Desk at x2345 or submit a ticket via the web and click “Report a Service Outage or Incident.” The migration team will assist you promptly.

Representatives from the migration team will be on hand to answer your questions about FermiMail at the doctor-is-in booth in the Wilson Hall atrium during lunch hours on Jan. 11 and 12.