Rob Roser: New head of Scientific Computing

Rob Roser

On Jan. 6, Fermilab scientist Rob Roser became the head of the Scientific Computing Division. The transition comes at the conclusion of Roser’s eighth year as a spokesperson for CDF.

“I was at CDF from the beginning to now, when we are completing the physics analysis from the Tevatron data, ” Roser said. “It’s thrilling to be in this new role for the transition to the Intensity Frontier.”

Vicky White, the associate laboratory director for Computing, credited Roser’s energy, insight and experience at CDF as an enormous asset for the Computing Sector.

“Rob understands the goals of the laboratory, and he understands the science necessary to achieve them,” White said. “We’re extremely excited to have him take on the position.”

The Scientific Computing Division provides the facilities, tools and programming necessary for experiments to perform and for researchers to analyze the data and the whole scientific program to carry out their science.

“Any kind of scientific research requires a lot of computing,” said Bob Tschirhart, Project X scientist. He’ll be working closely with Roser to develop simulation and data analysis tools for the Project X research program. “Rob, as someone widely known in the scientific community, is now in a great position to bridge the gap between science people and technical people.”

Steve Wolbers, the associate division head of Scientific Computing, agreed with Tschirhart. Wolbers worked with Roser for many years on CDF.

“Without a doubt, the group will benefit from Rob’s connections and experience,” Wolbers said. “He did a superb job at CDF and that display of leadership bodes well.”

Roser is eager to begin his leadership responsibilities.

“I’m excited to figure out the best way to organize this very smart team of very capable people,” Roser said. “We’ll be putting computer systems and computer structures in place for our new experiments. We all want the process to be as successful as possible.”

Greg Bock, associate laboratory director for research, cited Roser’s interest in and support of the science at the laboratory as a major benefit to Scientific Computing.

“As CDF spokesperson, Rob worked closely with the division for years, but he’s capable of bringing in an outside perspective,” Bock said. “He’s an extraordinarily hard worker and an all-around great guy.”

Roser is enthusiastically anticipating this new challenge.

“I’ll be learning new things, technically,” Roser said. “And I’m really looking forward to working with this new group of people. I can’t wait to see what we accomplish.”

Ashley WennersHerron