Getting ready for April engineering assessments

Photo: Tom King

Beginning in April, the Office of Quality and Best Practices (OQBP) will perform quality assessments to verify implementation of the Engineering Manual throughout Fermilab. DOE personnel will participate in two of these assessments. To determine when OQBP will be assessing your organization, check the 2012 QA Assessment schedule.

The Fermilab Engineering Manual, which contains the process for properly executing and documenting engineering projects at Fermilab, was announced in July of 2010, followed by an Engineering Manual roll out meeting. Use of the Engineering Manual at Fermilab is a requirement, not an option.

Recently Fermilab physicist Peter Garbincius, in conjunction with the Engineering Policy Committee, conducted a survey of all divisions, sections, centers and projects to determine their awareness and use of the Engineering Manual. Garbincius is the owner of the Contractor Assurance System Engineering Management System and the Engineering Manual.

If you are involved in design or engineering within your organization, you should review the contents of the Engineering Manual, the appendices, the risk assessment worksheet and the slides from the roll out meeting, to ensure you are familiar with and following the engineering practices required by the director’s eighth policy.

For more information on the Engineering Manual or on what to expect during the QA engineering assessment, contact your department head, division/section/center Quality Assurance representative or a Quality Assurance engineer from OQBP.

Edited by John Martzel