Summer hiring changes

For this year’s general summer hiring program, we are making a few changes to the process. The changes will not affect the intern programs. The changes are designed to democratize the program while preserving the preference given to employee-referred candidates – particularly the children of employees. The laboratory benefits from employing children of employees who know and respect laboratory culture, and employees benefit from their children’s employment at a time when employment opportunities for youth are scarce.

The following changes will be made:

  • Ending the practice of name requesting candidates on personnel requisitions.
  • Stopping generic job postings. We will now post each job specified with individual duties and knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs).
  • Evaluating candidates based on their responses to KSA based screening questions.
  • We will not consider candidates who do not submit responses to screening questions.
  • HR will refer only the top three candidates ranked for each job to the hiring manager.
  • If there are no employee-referred candidates available or if no employee-referred candidates meet the qualifications, then outside candidates will be considered.

These changes will be implemented on a pilot basis for 2012 with evaluation upon the conclusion of the summer hiring season. Employees are encouraged to provide feedback on their experience with the new process.

Hiring managers are encouraged to submit their Summer Personnel Requisitions as soon as possible, but no later than April 20 . The summer employment announcement will be posted on the Employment website upon receipt of an approved Summer Personnel Requisition form. The SPR form will be available here on Monday, March 12. Under the “Request Things” heading, click “Summer Personnel Request.” Please contact Jason Johnson (x5810) with questions regarding the summer hiring program.