Accelerator safety experts meet at Fermilab; update guide

From top left, clockwise (including teleconference participants): Amy Ecclesine, Lawrence Berkeley; Anna Campbell, ES&H; Dave Freeman, Oak Ridge; Don Cossairt, ES&H; John Scott, DOE-FSO; Mark Bollinger, DOE-FSO; Nathan Duff,PPD; Mike Sandvig, Idaho; Wayne Schmitt, AD; Rickey Winfield, CD; Scott Davis, DOE-SC; Keith Ealy, Los Alamos; Andy Lego, CD; Dennie Parzyck, FSO; John Anderson, AD; Tom Barkalow, Argonne; Chuck Prokuski, Argonne; Pete Washburn, DOE-ASO; Jim Floyd, Lawrence Berkeley; Charles Kelsey, Los Alamos; Bob May, Jefferson; Ed Lessard, Brookhaven; Doug Paul, DOE-ORO Photo: Reidar Hahn

Last month, a group of accelerator safety experts from eight DOE laboratories, two DOE field offices and DOE headquarters gathered at Fermilab to update an important DOE guidance document on accelerator safety.

Environment, safety and health concerns are of utmost importance at DOE accelerator sites. In recognition of this, the DOE has partnered with its laboratories to create standards based on best management practices to safely accomplish the mission of the accelerator laboratories. These safety requirements and guidance documents are specific to the unique characteristics of accelerators, such as high-intensity electromagnetic fields, superconductivity and ionizing radiation. These documents address the safe design, operation and decommissioning of accelerators for the entire DOE accelerator community.

The DOE Office of Science staff led the community to develop the original version of the main accelerator safety guide in 1992, with a major update in 2005. This guide has come into widespread use outside of the DOE community at U. S. laboratories not sponsored by DOE and in foreign countries. As accelerators continue to advance, many novel technologies are being introduced into the field. The experienced knowledge base with the safe design and operation of accelerators has also grown considerably since 2005, leading the group gathered at Fermilab to significantly update the guide. The updated version of this document will be published later this year.

Don Cossairt