Fermilab’s Open House was fun for the whole family

Students from Hamilton High School introduce Open House visitors to Bernoulli’s Principle at the Fermilab Family Open House. Photo: Spencer Pasero

More than 1,500 people attended Fermilab’s annual Family Open House on Sunday, April 22. The free event provided hands-on activities, tours and presentations for children and adults alike to enjoy.

Spread throughout Wilson Hall’s atrium, families spent time at various touch stations, learning about physics. Many of the activities were designed and presented by students from local high schools.

“This is the second year we had high school students volunteer to do this,” said Spencer Pasero, an education program leader in the Education Office. “The younger kids enjoyed interacting with the high school students, and I think the teenagers really enjoyed the opportunity to teach the younger kids and share their knowledge.”

Parents had a good time, too. Local resident Mandy Hanson attended with her six-year-old child and the rest of her family. She sent a thank-you email to Pasero after the event.

“We brought one child interested in science and left with a family in love with science!” Hanson said.

According to Pasero, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. He attributed the program’s success to the employees and volunteers who organized and contributed to the open house.

“It took a lot of people working together to pull this off,” Pasero said. “We were pleased with the turn out.”

—Ashley WennersHerron