National Work Zone Awareness Week – April 23-27

Whether you’re a pedestrian or driver, pay attention to safety cues in work zones.

Most pedestrians walk familiar routes day in and day out, whether it’s between offices or to a favorite lunch spot. This familiarity can cause problems for inattentive pedestrians when they find themselves with a construction work zone in their path.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation-Federal Highway Administration, hundreds of Americans are killed every year in work zone crashes. We can avoid these needless tragedies by following some simple guidelines.

Pedestrians can simply avoid the area. You can cross the street before getting to the work zone, go a block out of your way or take the Fermilab Taxi to save you from getting muddy shoes and keep you safe. If it’s not practical to avoid the work zone, be attentive and careful. Obey all work zone signs, personnel and pavement markings.

Construction on the Illinois Accelerator Research Center will begin in the CDF area soon, which will increase the number of construction vehicles entering and leaving work zones. Work zone signs, pavement markings and personnel will guide pedestrians away from danger areas, but everyone in a work zone, whether walking, working, driving or biking, should always be alert for moving construction vehicles and other unexpected hazards.

Orange work zone signs are also posted to communicate to drivers, bikers and pedestrians what is going on and how to travel safely through the work zone. Signs may also indicate that a sidewalk is closed and that a detour must be taken.

Painted or taped lines on the pavement delineate vehicle travel lanes. They can also indicate pedestrian paths. As we honor National Work Zone Awareness Week, remember that every week is Work Zone Safety Week at Fermilab, and the key to safety is to be alert. Don’t miss your safety cues!

For more information on work zone safety, visit the Traffic Safety Subcommittee website.

JB Dawson