Sci-fi writer rolls into Fermilab

James Rollins

Bestselling science fiction author James Rollins visited Fermilab on April 16 seeking inspiration for his next novel.

“I’m always looking for a piece of science that I can play with and extrapolate into something exciting,” Rollins said. “I always have my antenna up, watching, making notes, looking for new ideas and information. Then I look for connections between bits of science and history I’ve collected and I formulate a story around it.”

Rollins came to Fermilab after a friend recommended he visit the laboratory to learn about new physics.

“I was going to Chicago for a writer’s conference and one of my friends is acquainted with people at Fermilab and suggested I come here. She thought it would be a good source of inspiration,” Rollins said.

Rollins was given a full Fermilab tour, visiting sites such as the LINAC, main control room, NOvA near detector and DZero. He will draw upon these experiences to help fuel his next novel.

“I write science fiction, and I like to cycle between different subjects. This next novel is going to be about physics, probably dark matter and dark energy,” Rollins said. “Fermilab is a great place to learn about these things.”

—Sarah Charley