A simple way to save money

Employees concerned about rising gas prices, a weak economy or their carbon footprint can save a little green by pursuing greener transportation to and from work.

The PACE RideShare program is free, anonymous and Web-based. Riders looking for carpool partners can enter the starting point of their daily commute on the PACE RideShare website. Riders then choose Fermilab from the list of employers for their destination, and select Fermilab again for the street address. Riders can then contact carpool partners without revealing personal information through the Web program.

If you are looking for carpool partners from the West Chicago or Route 59 Metra train stations, enter the address of the train station as the start of your commute in the Rideshare program. You can look up the train station addresses here.

For groups of five or more, PACE offers the Vanpool Incentive program for commuting from home and the Metra Feeder program for commuting from Metra train stations. Cost for the Vanpool program is based on round trip distance and willingness to drive and the Metra Feeder program costs a $58 flat fee per month.

For more information, visit PACE’s website.