Lederman presented with lightsaber at colloquium

Former Fermilab Director Leon Lederman raises his newly bequeathed lightsaber during a recent Fermilab colloquium. Photo: Reidar Hahn

Earlier this month, colloquium speaker Bob Tschirhart presented former Fermilab Director Leon Lederman with a toy lightsaber in recognition of his receiving the 2012 Vannevar Bush award.

In his talk, Tschirhart described Bush’s role in establishing the national laboratories in the United States and summarized Lederman’s achievements in research and science education. Tschirhart went on to explain how the proposed Project X at Fermilab would continue the legacies of Bush and Lederman.

View the streaming video of Tschirhart’s colloquium. At 18:24, Tschirhart discusses Lederman’s achievements and the 2012 Vannevar Bush award. At 1:01:10, he presents Lederman with the lightsaber.