New Fermilab Today editor

Leah Hesla

A new editor has taken the helm of Fermilab’s daily publication. Leah Hesla, who entered Fermilab’s Office of Communication as an intern in 2010, succeeds Ashley WennersHerron as editor of Fermilab Today this week.

Hesla earned her undergraduate degree in physics at University of Texas at Austin and her graduate degree in science writing at Johns Hopkins University. She sees editing Fermilab Today as her way to indulge her love of writing and editing while remaining a part of the physics community.

“Having to write science stories is a perfect excuse for learning more physics,” she said. “It’s great that the folks here are willing to discuss what they do with the rest of the world.”

Hesla has been contributing to Fermilab publications since summer 2010, when she began writing for Fermilab Today as an intern. In October 2010, she was promoted to the position of the Americas region editor for ILC NewsLine, the weekly e-newsletter chronicling developments in the design and organization of the proposed International Linear Collider.

WennersHerron, who edited Fermilab Today from July 2011 until now, will relocate to Switzerland later this month to serve at CERN as the U.S. LHC Communicator.

Though Hesla reads popular science writing, she especially enjoys reading science history and biography – seeing the larger picture and the individuals who shape it. She said she hopes she can highlight for the public the research and the people that make Fermilab unique.

“Fermilab has and continues to do great things for discovery science,” Hesla said. “I hope the stories we write do right by it.”

—Kathryn Grim