Ristori to take over as CDF co-spokesperson

Luciano Ristori
Photo: Reidar Hahn

On June 1, Luciano Ristori takes over from Giovanni Punzi as CDF co-spokesperson, joining current co-spokesperson Rob Roser in the role. This will be Ristori’s second time serving as a CDF spokesperson.

“Luciano is an ideal person to do this,” Roser said. “He is a senior member of the collaboration and one of the founding members of the experiment. He understands the pitfalls, hurdles and challenges ahead and I am sure he will come up with creative solutions for them.”

The experimental spokespersons serve a two-year term with alternating election years to ensure overlap between the terms.

The CDF team is in the final stages of its physics analyses. Ristori will help complete CDF’s data and infrastructure setup so that future generations can mine its vast trove of data.

“CDF still has a lot to say,” Ristori said. “We want to finish analyzing all the data and make sure that the Tevatron’s legacy is not wasted.”

It will be Ristori’s job to motivate the scientists, continue CDF data analysis and preserve the data for the future.

“The Tevatron’s data is special because it involved proton-antiproton collisions, whereas the LHC is proton-proton collisions,” Ristori said. “I believe that there are measurements we can do with our data that will complement and help us understand what the LHC sees. Ten, fifteen, twenty years from now we might want to look back at it, but we can only do that if we preserve it in a way that will be accessible in the future.”

With the Tevatron decommissioned and Fermilab’s focus switching to future Intensity Frontier experiments, this term as CDF co-spokesperson is bittersweet. But Ristori is excited that he will be an integral part of preserving CDF’s legacy and providing closure to the experiment.

“I’ve worked on this experiment for 30 of my 40 years as a scientist,” Ristori said. “I feel grateful to CDF and Fermilab and I’m going to do my best to gracefully finish what needs to be done so we can close the door for good.”

—Sarah Charley