DOE counterintelligence personnel visit Fermilab today

Members from the Department of Energy’s Chicago Office of Counterintelligence will visit Fermilab today. They will set up a booth in the atrium of Wilson Hall to answer any employee questions.

This activity is part of the laboratory’s Facility Counterintelligence Program. The program is required of all Department of Energy national laboratories.

The goals of Fermilab’s program are:

  1. To protect Fermilab personnel, research, technologies and information and cyber systems from unauthorized exploitation by intelligence collectors and intelligence activities.
  2. To participate, as appropriate, in the national DOE effort to protect DOE personnel, projects, information/cyber systems and classified materials from unauthorized collection or exploitation by foreign intelligence practitioners. Since Fermilab is a single-purpose research laboratory whose mission does not include classified research, the program excludes many comprehensive procedures required at other DOE laboratories.

Employees should receive the laboratory’s annual counterintelligence briefing via interoffice mail later today.