ICFA appoints Lyn Evans as first Linear Collider Director

Fermilab Director
Pier Oddone

At its February meeting earlier this year, the International Committee on Future Accelerators agreed that the world’s undertakings to build a linear collider would benefit from a reorganization. For the last couple of years the Global Design Effort, which runs the International Linear Collider program, and the Compact Linear Collider organization have been collaborating on issues that are common to both efforts, such as damping rings, positron sources, conventional facilities, final-focus systems, detector configurations and costing studies. ICFA concluded it was time to proceed with a new organization that would unify both efforts.

ICFA has now taken the next significant step toward unification. It has appointed CERN’s Lyn Evans to be the overall leader for the combined linear collider programs.

As Linear Collider Director, Lyn will represent the united linear collider effort to the worldwide science community and the funding agencies. Reporting to this linear collider director will be three associate directors: one for the ILC, one for CLIC, and one for physics and detectors for both ILC and CLIC. The transition to the new organization will take place over the next several months.

Over the past few months, a nominating committee appointed by ICFA sought input on suggestions across the European, American and Asian particle physics community on suggestions for the leadership of the unified linear collider effort. ICFA received an outstanding list of names, demonstrating the high caliber of science leaders in our field.

Lyn brings tremendous experience in the design and construction of accelerators. Most recently he led the construction of the Large Hadron Collider, which has achieved marvelous performance, with luminosity better than its design after only a short time in operation. The flood of results coming from the LHC is a testament to its enormous scientific and engineering success.

The linear collider community is indeed fortunate to have Lyn at the helm. At the upcoming ICHEP meeting in July, ICFA will start discussions on the appointment of the associate directors for the ILC, CLIC and physics research for both machines.