Al Flowers retires next week

Al Flowers

Al Flowers’ first day at Fermilab was on Aug. 30, 1982. Hired as a senior design drafter, he was later promoted to designer. Next week he retires after almost 30 years at the laboratory.

Initially the lion’s share of Flowers’ work was the development of electrical design and drafting project drawings for the CES group, which later became the Tevatron Construction Group. These intricate infrastructure-based drawings encompassed high-voltage layouts as well as industrial and commercial drawings for the engineering groups. Later, Flowers put the same skills to work to develop the first complete utility maps for the FESS Operations Group for all electrical and mechanical utilities, which includes sewer, water and gas systems. This monumental data source has been the baseline data set for many years in FESS-OPS, aiding in the troubleshooting of the laboratory’s utility breaks and repairs and in the design of utility upgrades. The utility maps continue to be a resource going forward for the Geographic Information System portal.

Additionally for the FESS-OPS group, Flowers developed and maintained plant maintenance plans for buildings and enclosures across the site. They provided a valuable information resource for craft personnel in FESS-OPS.

Flowers’ last day at the lab is July 13. Though he will be greatly missed, we hope to see him again during breaks from his active life of skiing, traveling, golfing, bicycling or whatever he decides to conquer next.

—Larry Sliwa, Mechanical Engineering Operations, FESS