Constructing caissons at IARC

Contractors are constructing caissons – deep substructure foundations – at the site of the future IARC Office, Technical and Education Building. Photo: Ron Foutch

Barton Malow, the company contracted to build the IARC Office, Technical, and Education Building, is constructing the 38 underground caissons needed to support the new building. Caissons are deep substructure foundations made of poured concrete and reinforced steel.

The caissons range from 2.5 feet to 4.5 feet in diameter and extend 45 to 50 feet below ground level. Each day the caisson work will require about a dozen concrete trucks. Soon the company will install grade beams above the caissons, which in turn will support the building’s steel columns.

The IARC OTE building is scheduled to be completed late fall of 2013.

You can view more photos of IARC construction progress at the IARC OTE Facebook page.