Introducing Deb Sebastian, new internal communication specialist

Deb Sebastian
Photo: Reidar Hahn

Deb Sebastian likes a good challenge. As Fermilab’s new internal communication specialist, Sebastian has plenty to learn about particle accelerators and physics.

“I like things a little complex,” she said. “I would get bored writing public relations or marketing or consumer pieces.”

Sebastian’s role is to facilitate and coordinate communication between departments and employees at the laboratory. She has previously worked in communications in the healthcare, engineering and nonprofit sectors. She knows the ins and outs of a large organization and comes to Fermilab with plenty of hands-on experience. However, it’s Sebastian’s dedication to the people in the organization that makes her truly stand out.

“Helping everybody understand where they fit in is really important,” Sebastian said. “It helps people understand their coworkers and where their organization is going.”

She said a big draw to Fermilab was the prospect of an energetic workplace where students provide a constant stream of fresh faces.

Sebastian said she will help people connect with the laboratory’s mission and structure so they know where they fit into the bigger picture. She acknowledged that this is a challenge, since Fermilab is project-based with many different goals. However, for her, it’s not an intimidating task.

“I’ve been doing this for a quarter of a century,” Sebastian said. “I’ve become interested in making people’s day-to-day lives more rewarding and fulfilling at work, doing whatever I can to connect them, make it easier. I’m here to serve the employees.”

Sebastian invites anyone who would like to speak with her to do so. Sebastian can be reached at

—Joseph Piergrossi