LArTF concrete cylinder nears completion

Construction of the Liquid Argon Test Facility concrete cylinder is nearing completion. Photo: Cindy Arnold

The construction of the Liquid Argon Test Facility continues at the Fermi Booster Neutrino Line, just upstream of the MiniBooNE facility. The concrete cylinder, seen in the photo above, is nearing completion. It extends 45 feet below ground level and 24 feet above, and will house the future liquid argon detector for the MicroBooNE experiment.

Preparations are under way to construct three attached ground-level structures. These will provide a loading and receiving area, provide a room for the experiment’s electronic and house fire suppression control and heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

The work for the entire facility structure is nearing 40 percent completion and is on schedule for beneficial occupancy by the MicroBooNE experiment on March 15, 2013.