CMTF Compressor Building fills up

Refurbished Tevatron cryogenic compressors are installed in the new Cryomodule Test Facility Compressor Building. Photo: Jerry Leibfritz

At the far north end of the laboratory, a large team has been busy installing equipment in the newly constructed Compressor Building of the Cryomodule Test Facility. Since beneficial occupancy was taken of the CMTF building in January, the AD Cryogenic Department has been managing the installation of the infrastructure necessary for a new cryogenic plant that will support the superconducting radio-frequency test facilities at NML and CMTF.

Starting with an empty building, several Fermilab technicians and engineers, as well as contract electricians, pipefitters, welders and carpenters, have been diligently installing the systems necessary to be ready for commissioning the new cryogenic refrigerator, scheduled for delivery in early 2013. The picture above shows seven Tevatron helium compressors that were repurposed for use at CMTF, along with the new piping and electrical infrastructure needed to operate them.