DZero measurements will leave lasting impression

Measurements of W-plus-jets production will provide an important reference for hadron collider experiments for many years to come.

Certain measurements are bound to leave their marks on the field of high-energy physics for many years and become permanent reference points for future efforts. A recent set of results from DZero has focused on measurements that will be a cornerstone of the Tevatron’s legacy, the precise study of W boson production in association with jets.

Studying any form of jet production means studying the strong force, or the interactions between quarks and gluons. Jets are the sprays of particles originating from a quark or gluon emitted from a collision. Predicting how jets appear after a collision is difficult to calculate directly in the Standard Model. Instead, experimental results are used to constrain models of these strong-force interactions in order to predict the behavior of jet production. Since processes like the simultaneous production of a W boson and jets are important backgrounds to Higgs boson production and to many searches for new physics, precise measurements of W-plus-jets production can constrain these models and improve the sensitivity of future results.

The DZero analyzers optimized their study to be as beneficial as possible for future use by theorists and experimentalists. They balanced the purity of their signal sample with the need to study all possible distributions and translated all of their results from detector-level objects, such as jets, to the originally produced hadrons, leptons and bosons. This comprehensive set of measurements on the production of a W boson in association with jets will provide important modeling constraints and improve future experimental results for many years to come.

—Mike Cooke

These physicists made major contributions to this analysis.
Since the completion of Tevatron operations and final detector studies, this team has worked to preserve the DZero detector and prepare it to become an exhibit.