New anti-virus, anti-spam system

To enhance the laboratory’s e-mail service, the Core Computing Division will switch to a new anti-virus and anti-spam system on August 23. Any e-mail or attachment determined to contain a virus will be cleaned or blocked as with the current system. This new system will deliver suspected spam messages to your junk mail folder where you can review them.

Outlook and Webmail will automatically use the new system. Users of these e-mail clients should notice little difference in spam filtering and do not need to take any action. Mac Mail users, as well as those who use an e-mail client other than Outlook or Webmail, must set filter rules in their e-mail clients in order to have suspected spam automatically moved from their inboxes to a junk mail folder.

Instructions for how to set filter rules are available for Mac Mail and Thunderbird. You may set your filters ahead of time with no negative effect. However, failure to set filter rules will likely result in an undesired increase in spam messages in your inbox after this change on Aug. 23.

For questions about setting e-mail filter rules, contact the Fermilab Service Desk at x2345 or on the web.