NNN12 workshop pushes bounds of particle detector technology

Researchers meet at the annual NNN12 workshop to discuss future detectors for research on neutrino physics and nucleon decays.

In six weeks, Fermilab will be abuzz with detector scientists working to advance technologies for future particle detectors.

From Oct. 4-6, Fermilab will host the 13th annual international workshop on Next Generation Nucleon Decay and Neutrinos, or NNN12. In addition to furthering experiment development and detector R&D for neutrinos and nucleon decay, attendees will discuss the theoretical physics issues related to workshop topics.

As particle physicists go looking for rarer and harder-to-observe particle phenomena, the need to develop larger and more capable detectors becomes more pressing. Meeting that need requires furthering technology for smaller detectors and advancing designs for larger detectors weighing tens of kilotons.

“The NNN workshop series attempts to present a blend of experimental and detector talks and discussions motivated by timely physics questions and how they can best be addressed,” said Local Organizing Committee Co-chair Gina Rameika.

One day before the workshop begins, on Oct. 3, the LBNE Science Collaboration will also host the International LBNE Symposium, giving attendees a chance to learn about LBNE progress and to discuss international participation in the future experiment, which aims to precisely measure important neutrino properties.

Visit the NNN12 website for more information or to register.

Leah Hesla