Printer assessment begins today

The Computing Sector is developing plans to save trees and money by reducing our printing, copying and associated costs. The first step is to have our managed-services partner, Dell, conduct a lab-wide assessment of our current printing environment and needs. All on-site printers and printer-copiers will be part of the assessment. The contractors conducting the assessment will begin in Wilson Hall today and will then move to other sites at the laboratory. All site visits should be complete in September.

As part of the assessment, the contractors will check each printer’s configuration, write down any necessary information and may print a page using the device. They will then tag each printer with a green dot. Each assessment will typically take between two and five minutes. The contractors will have Fermilab ID badges.

Printers residing in non-communal areas are also part of the assessment. Contractors are arranging access to office-area printers or printer-copiers with each division and section. Contact the Fermilab Service Desk at x2345 or on the web with questions about the printer assessment.