Rafael Coll receives 2011 Industrial Hygiene Award

ES&H Section Head Nancy Grossman and Industrial Hygiene Subcommittee chair David Baird present the 2011 Industrial Hygiene award to Rafael Coll, ES&H. Photo: Reidar Hahn

Fermilab’s Industrial Hygiene program is one step closer to going paperless thanks to the efforts of the ES&H Section’s Rafael Coll, recipient of the 2011 Industrial Hygiene Award.

Coll received the award for developing electronic versions of several hard-copy forms used in the Industrial Hygiene program. The user-friendly, writeable PDFs allow for quick and direct data entry, reducing the amount of paper circulating from one desk to another and eliminating the need to re-copy information.

Last year, knowing that Coll always keeps up with the latest office software, Chair of the Industrial Hygiene Subcommittee David Baird asked Coll to convert the frequently used paper forms to electronic files.

“Coll’s a self-starter, always looking for ways to improve his work,” Baird said. “He’s always been able to maintain a level of competency in new technologies and deserves kudos for keeping up.”

To fulfill Baird’s request, Coll quickly trained himself on how to create writeable PDFs, making sure not only that they functioned as they should but also that they would be easy on the eyes.

“I took the paper forms and made them look nice, dressed them up,” Coll said. “Some of the forms took quite a bit of time to design, but I enjoyed it. I enjoy working with new software.”

Fermilab’s Industrial Hygiene Award is given annually to a Fermilab employee or group whose efforts have resulted in substantial progress to Fermilab’s Industrial Hygiene program, which is concerned with the control of occupational health hazards that arise as a result of or during work.

Baird and ES&H Section Head Nancy Grossman presented Coll with the award on Aug. 2.

“It’s always great when someone in ES&H can help improve work processes for the laboratory,” Grossman said.

Leah Hesla