Steve Geer is new head of Program Planning Office

Steve Geer

On July 23, Steve Geer assumed the position of head of the Program Planning Office at Fermilab. He succeeds Jeff Appel, who retired from the laboratory last month.

Geer has been with Fermilab for 21 years.

“It seems a very short 21 years until I think of the great variety of things I’ve been able to do here,” Geer said. “It’s been an adventure so far.”

That great variety at Fermilab has included building, installing and operating detectors for the APEX test (T861) and the APEX (E868) experiments and acting as the experiments’ spokesperson. Geer also coordinated a test-beam program for CDF and led the CDF offline activities at the time of the top quark discovery.

Geer has coordinated various other accelerator R&D activities, including proposing and promoting the Neutrino Factory concept. He was recently spokesperson for the MUCOOL collaboration, co-spokesperson of the Neutrino Factory and Muon Collider collaboration and co-leader of both the Muon Collider Task Force and the Muon Accelerator Program.

As his adventure continues with the Program Planning Office, Geer will act as a critical interface between the leadership of various experiments and the directorate.

“The Program Planning Office’s main goals are to execute our experiments in the most effective way and to explore new possibilities for the future,” said Geer.

To meet those goals, Geer will establish priorities between accelerator studies and experiments, developing short- and long-range experiment schedules according to guidance from the director. Monitoring the progress of various programs, he will also act as liaison between experimenters and laboratory staff regarding beam conditions during high-energy physics operations. He will assist in organizing the Physics Advisory Committee meetings and organize and chair weekly All Experimenters meetings.

At the end of the day, success for Geer will mean helping to foster a healthy, vibrant and world-class future here at Fermilab.

“These are challenging times, but we have a top-notch experimental program to make happen – one with an enormous variety. I believe that is our biggest strength,” Geer said. “The great thing about being part of Fermilab is that all sorts of things are possible.”

Deb Sebastian