Upcoming changes to janitorial service

Fermilab receives janitorial and cleaning services across the laboratory from an outside vendor. To address budget reductions, members of FESS and BSS are currently working closely with the vendor to adjust janitorial services at Fermilab without adversely affecting operations.

Beginning Oct. 1, cleaning services will be adjusted in all laboratory locations except those currently receiving services from other sources, such as the Village residences. Generally, service will be reduced from five days per week to three days per week, but service to some low-occupancy areas are proposed for elimination. These changes are being reviewed with building management and will then be discussed with and monitored by laboratory management. Additional service adjustments may be needed after further assessment.

A new solicitation will be initiated in spring 2013, and laboratory management hopes to be able to restore services at some point as may be needed.

If you have further questions, please contact your building management.