Accelerate to a Healthy Lifestyle program continues

Participate in the Accelerate to a Healthy Lifestyle program and log your workout minutes.

ES&H’s three-month, 30-minutes-of-exercise, three-days-a-week exercise program, which runs through Oct. 31, is in full swing with more than 90 participants.

Those already participating should continue logging their workout minutes via the ES&H webpage. To those not yet participating: It is never too late! You can join any time.

All participants can retroactively log their minutes prior to Oct. 31. Stop by WH7E monthly to collect your participation award. Whatever you do to incorporate exercise into your life, either here and away from the laboratory, is worth logging. For more information, please visit the ES&H webpage, where you can join and enter those minutes. Here’s to keeping our employees motivated to live a healthy lifestyle.