Building first of three attached structures for LArTF cylinder

Workers begin building the computer-electronics room, an attachment to the the LArTF building. Photo: Cindy Arnold

Whittaker Construction Company, contracted to construct the Liquid-Argon Test Facility, has begun work on the attached structures adjacent to the main cylindrical building. There will be three attached structures. Pictured here are the footings for the walls of the computer-electronics room, which will house the MicroBooNE data acquisition computers along with the standard network communications and accelerator timing racks. Other detector and readout electronics will reside on a platform within the main cylinder, built directly over the liquid-argon tank. The doorway provides passage from the cylinder into the computer room.

The second structure to be attached to the main cylinder is a loading dock with an overhead crane that extends into the cylinder on the side opposite that seen in the picture. The third attached structure will be a stairway “head-house” to access one of the two stairways that leads down to the platform and floor of the cylinder. The head-house will be constructed on the right-hand side of the cylinder as seen in this picture.

A computer drawing of a different perspective of the LArTF cylinder. Image: PPD