Involuntary separation

Fermilab Director
Pier Oddone

Today, the final phase of the workforce reduction announced in May is taking place. This involuntary phase affects 22 employees across the lab. It follows the voluntary separation that occurred in June, when Fermilab management was able to accept 27 individuals who applied for the program.

When I originally announced that a workforce reduction would be necessary due to reduced federal funding, we anticipated that approximately 80 employees would be affected. Because of attrition over the past few months, we were able to significantly reduce the number of involuntarily separated employees.

Staff reductions are always a last resort, and they are not taken lightly here at the lab. Spending was reduced in many other areas, but, unfortunately, a reduction in force was necessary to bring the staffing level in line with anticipated budgets.

As always, I will keep you apprised regarding the lab’s budget and funding, particularly as we approach the start of a new fiscal year. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact laboratory management.