New energy savings contract to launch soon

Stephen Krstulovich

Stephen Krstulovich, site energy manager for FESS, wrote this column.

The U.S. Department of Energy is working with Fermilab to launch a new Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC) in the coming weeks. In accordance with DOE and federal executive orders, DOE Super-ESPC contractors audit Fermilab’s facilities every four years for energy and water conservation and renewable-energy opportunities that can be funded through savings, with no up-front cost. This helps both to reduce operation and maintenance costs and to replace worn and outdated equipment with modern efficient systems. In the coming weeks, teams of engineers and energy experts will visit every Fermilab facility to perform preliminary assessments and to develop a proposal for site upgrades.

Last year Fermilab completed the implementation of its prior ESPC, valued at $3 million. In meeting the contract terms, Fermilab replaced the main boiler in the Central Utility Building, provided lighting upgrades in various buildings and improved power distribution on site. We completed the contract with no up-front cost and will pay back all implementation expenses from guaranteed savings in 15 years. Using various alternative financing vehicles such as ESPCs, the laboratory has implemented over $60 million in alternative financing energy contracts since 1998, which have helped reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve scientific performance.

These initiatives also help mitigate global warming and improve the environment, goals that are of great importance to all of us and are promoted at the highest levels of government. They help us to remain strong at the forefront of discovery while also helping to enhance our legacy for the next generation. Please extend us your cooperation and patience as these audits get under way, and help welcome the teams that will be working to make them a success. Together we can help make a positive difference in our future.