Cafeteria increases prices, closes on Saturdays

Beginning Nov. 5, it will cost more to eat in Fermilab’s cafeteria. The amount you pay for food and beverages will increase by about 10 percent, so the average cost of a meal will rise from $5.00 to $5.50.

The increase is necessary because of higher food and supply costs, as well as the added cost of janitorial services that have been shifted to revenue-generating areas of the lab, including the cafeteria.

“Because of the heat and drought this past summer, consumers are seeing significantly increased costs for food in the grocery store” said Accommodations Manager Jack Hawkins. “As a result, it costs more today for the supplies we use in the cafeteria.”

To save money on your purchases and help keep cafeteria costs down, cafeteria patrons can continue to bring their own cups and mugs. Southern Food Service Management offers a discount of 20 cents each time a patron uses his or her own cup or mug.

Another cost-saving measure is to close the cafeteria on Saturdays beginning on Nov. 10. During some special events, such as Tom Skilling’s annual tornado seminar, the cafeteria will remain open.