Continuing steel and metal construction at IARC

Workers erect the 2nd- and 3rd-floor steel and metal decks of the IARC OTE building. Photo: Cindy Arnold

Barton Malow, together with their subcontractor Chicago Steel, have made significant progress on the steel erection for the IARC Office, Technical and Education building. The size and form of the OTE building can readily been seen with erection of the 2nd- and 3rd-floor steel and metal deck. These floors will provide approximately 140 office units as well as a two-story lunch area on the west end. While this work is proceeding outside, mobilization has begun inside the CDF building for the installation of the interior bridge, which will connect the OTE offices with the existing CDF offices.

You can view more photos of IARC construction progress at the IARC OTE Facebook page.