Fermilab Today survey results

Katie Yurkewicz

Katie Yurkewicz, head of the Office of Communication, wrote this column.

This summer, we asked our readers to complete a survey on what they liked about Fermilab Today and what we could do to improve it. The results are in, and we have begun planning a better publication based on your feedback and suggestions. We sincerely thank you for taking the time to respond and submit comments.

Nearly 1,200 of you took the survey. That’s 30 percent of the roughly 4,000 people who receive Fermilab Today every day. On the whole, readers are happy with the laboratory’s daily publication:

  • Three quarters of respondents read Fermilab Today every day.
  • Most of you find Fermilab Today useful, timely, interesting and of consistent quality. You also find it to be just the right length – almost 70 percent of you spend no more than 10 minutes reading it.
  • Readers said they appreciated the variety of articles in Fermilab Today, which provides science articles, non-technical stories and photos.

We’re glad that so many of you appreciate the newsletter. We’re also glad that you care enough to suggest how we can make it better. Here are some of the most frequent suggestions we’ve received:

  • Many of you suggested, seemingly in chorus, that Fermilab Today do more to showcase the people at Fermilab. In response, we just launched our series of occasional profiles, and we are looking for additional ways to highlight staff members and their contributions to our laboratory.
  • We received several comments that the Web layout needs an update. We agree and are currently working to bring you a more Web-friendly, modern Fermilab Today.
  • Readers would also like to see even more articles on science, both at Fermilab and at other laboratories. We are broadening our In the News coverage of particle physics, and we encourage you to subscribe to symmetry magazine to receive even more science articles on a daily, weekly or monthly basis—your choice.

You also identified Fermilab Today‘s biggest challenge: producing a publication that satisfies multiple audiences. Fermilab Today‘s primary audience is the laboratory’s employees and users, but hundreds of people outside the laboratory also subscribe to the publication. We continually work to publish a newsletter that is of benefit to as wide an audience as possible.

We’ve summarized the most important survey results in a few graphs. If you’d like more information about the survey results, or if you have further suggestions on how the newsletter may better serve you, e-mail Fermilab Today at today@fnal.gov.