Find information faster with Fermilab’s new Test Beam Facility website

The new Fermilab Test Beam Facility website is up.

Today the Fermilab Test Beam Facility is unveiling its new and improved website. The new look will have a format more akin to the standard Fermilab website, which will help with navigation around the site’s various sections.

The website’s new content and navigation is based on recurring questions from the site’s past visitors who asked for clarification on some sections. For example, the page on how to become a Fermilab user now has additional, more detailed steps, and the beam section is now easier to navigate to find the information you need.

The website also has a news box on its home page that will notify viewers of the latest facility news, such as when the facility will be taking requests for beam in July. The news box will also include a link that will direct viewers to the request procedure.

View the new site.