New cleanroom at CMTF

The new CMTF cleanroom will be used to help keep accelerator beamline components free of contaminants. Photo: Jerry Leibfritz, AD

Workers recently built an 840-square-foot cleanroom in the new CMTF building, which will be used to assemble the vacuum equipment associated with the superconducting RF test facilities at NML and CMTF. SRF technology requires that all components common with the accelerator beam lines be virtually particle-free – no dust or contamination. Therefore, all the hardware must be cleaned and assembled in cleanrooms.

The new CMTF cleanroom is divided into three separate rooms that maintain a Class-10, -100 and -10,000 level of cleanliness, respectively. The cleanroom was recently certified to meet the required ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards, bringing it one step closer to operation. Remaining work includes the installation of a special purified-water system and other required utilities.