Pilot study group to complete Certified Administrative Professional course

In April, a group of administrative professionals from across the laboratory began an employee-led, 20-week course titled Power Boosting Skills for Administrative Professionals. The cohort is scheduled to complete the certification exam on Nov. 3, earning 15 college-level credits with a passing score. A few of the topics covered in the course include business ethics and customer service, written communication, and technology and time management. Visit the course training webpage to learn more about the course, which will be offered again beginning in January 2013. Front row: Kappatolia Sherman, Karen Seifrid, Marie Herman, Rosa Foote, Carolyn Johnson. Back row: Anna Campbell, Gayle Millman, Luz Jaquez, Etta Johnson, Anita Menz-Cwiklik, Karen Karlix-Smith. Not pictured: Linda Diepholz, Lucina Ontiveros and Jamie Grado. Photo: Reidar Hahn