Accelerate to a Healthy Lifestyle program concludes

The Accelerate to a Healthy Lifestyle Program concluded on Oct. 31. ES&H would like to thank all participants for their commitment. We commend you for your efforts.

In order to ensure all participants are accounted for, please note that the deadline to record your activity is Nov. 16. The deadline to collect your participation reward is Nov. 30.

As part of a pilot initiative, ES&H has elected to provide logging capability as a means of keeping past and future participants motivated to exercise. Effective Nov. 1, any laboratory employee wanting to track his or her exercise activity is invited to visit our website. (Please note that participation rewards only apply to those who participated between Aug. 1 and Oct. 31.) Click on the link Accelerate to a Healthy Lifestyle. This will take you to the log where you can track your activity—all in an effort to maintain a healthier you.