Fermilab scientists selected as APS fellows

Last month, five Fermilab scientists were named fellows of the American Physical Society, a distinction awarded each year to no more than one-half of 1 percent of current APS members by their peers.

Emanuela Barzi was named a 2012 fellow to the Forum on International Physics. Douglas Glenzinski and Ronald Lipton were named fellows to the Division of Particles and Fields. Stuart Henderson and Valeri Lebedev were named fellows to the Division of Physics of Beams.

Emanuela Barzi

For her innovations in the development of advanced superconductors, her continuous efforts in promoting international scientific collaborations and her unwavering mentoring of U.S. and Italian students.

Douglas Glenzinski

For his leadership on many levels of the CDF experiment, including the construction and commissioning of the intermediate silicon detector (ISL) effort, his service as physics coordinator, as well as his many physics contributions to the characterization of the top quark and search for new physics in the Bs channel.

Stuart Henderson

For leadership in the construction and commissioning of the Spallation Neutron Source at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and in particular for leading the effort to bring the SNS into full operational status with a beam power in excess of 1 megawatt.

Valeri Lebedev

For significant contributions to the accelerator physics underlying the outstanding performance of the Tevatron collider complex and the successful commissioning of the CEBAF at Jefferson Lab.

Ronald Lipton

For his numerous fundamental contributions to the development of silicon detectors, which provided particle physics with discoveries of new particles containing b quarks and the observation of unique processes with b quarks in the final states.