Happy holidays!

Fermilab Director
Pier Oddone

I wish you and your family happy holidays. It has been a wonderful year for particle physics with the discovery of the Higgs-like particle at the LHC and the measurement of θ13 by the Daya Bay experiment in China, which opened the window for future neutrino experiments like LBNE. Our theorists are as happy as one can be figuring out what the Higgs might tell us and where the long-sought supersymmetry might be hiding.

At our own laboratory, we have had a trying year, but ultimately we accomplished what we needed to do to ensure a vital future for the laboratory. All the projects we started or that are under construction are going well: Mu2e, Muon g-2, NOvA, LBNE and MicroBooNE. NOvA is technically in good shape, if very tight on contingency. The successful reconfiguration of LBNE and the achievement of CD-1 approval for LBNE, after the turbulence it underwent earlier in the year, is worth celebrating and is a credit to the laboratory and to our physics colleagues across the country. MINERvA, MINOS+ and SeaQuest are ready to take data. DECam is installed and working. The spectroscopic survey for dark energy, dubbed MS-DESI, the upgrades for CMS and the generation-2 dark-matter experiments are all ready to start. The R&D on future machines such as Project X and muon accelerators is going well, and the Illinois Accelerator Research Center will start operations in the new year.

The new year will also see the start of physics production after the long accelerator shutdown. Turning the machines on and achieving the full promised power will be a major challenge. But the real challenge for us is to complete a full transition from our previous state of operating with few or no construction projects to a laboratory that excels in planning and building projects. The planned capital investment in the laboratory for this decade is large, and among the national laboratories we must strive to become exemplary at managing and delivering on projects. We are not there yet by a fair measure, so this area will be the major focus for the laboratory.

The best to you and your loved ones. Have happy and safe holidays!