LArTF brickwork, stairways completed

The exterior masonry of the LArTF cylinder has been completed. Photo: Cindy Arnold

Whittaker Construction Company, contracted to construct the Liquid-Argon Test Facility, and their masonry subcontractor, Cyberdyne, have completed the exterior brickwork covering the main cylinder of the LArTF. The brick matches that used on the MINOS Building spiral, creating an architectural unity among the neutrino detector facilities. The loading dock area is visible on the left of the cylinder and the electronics room on the right. The precast concrete walls will remain exposed after painting. Workers are forming the footings for a base pad for ventilation and air conditioning equipment in the foreground.

Cyberdyne has built two enclosed stairways inside the cylinder. The picture below shows the work on the first stairway during construction. A large platform (yellow framing) that could be jacked up was used as a rising work surface. The picture below was taken from the base of the second stairway prior to the start of its construction. After the first stairway was completed, the work platform was turned and moved to provide access to the second stairway. The walls for both stairways were completed on Dec. 7. The platform is now being removed.

This picture was taken standing 40 feet below ground level on the floor of the LArTF cylinder. One of the two enclosed stairways is shown under construction; it has since been completed. An extreme wide-angle lens was used for this picture, producing a curved image. Photo: Cindy Arnold