Organizational changes

Fermilab Director
Pier Oddone

Several organizational changes went into effect this week at Fermilab and are now reflected in the organization chart for the laboratory. The changes are important but do not alter the fundamental structure of the laboratory. They are primarily in the supporting areas for laboratory planning, technology transfer, project management and international collaboration. The changes will help Fermilab to be more efficient and effective and will help to address the growing importance of international partnerships and the new programs at the Illinois Accelerator Research Center (IARC) with their associated need for managing technology transfer. They also help us with functions that we have been performing during the last few years in less than optimal ways.

Following is a brief overview of the reorganization; more detailed explanations of each change will be conveyed through Fermilab Today articles over the next couple of months.

The Office of Integrated Planning (previously under the Office of Program and Project Support) will become the Office of Integrated Planning & Performance Management and will remain in the Directorate. A search is currently under way for an office head, who will lead the planning efforts at the laboratory, connecting more effectively the technical areas and the financial areas of the laboratory.

To assist with our growing number of international partnerships, we have created an Office of International Programs. It will be led by Shekhar Mishra and reside in the Directorate. Laboratory scientists with connections in various regions of the world will contribute their expertise as we expand our international collaboration in the many projects in front of us.

IARC opens a new important aspect of the laboratory, working closely with industrial partners toward societal benefits and training a new generation in accelerator technology. Thus IARC is now listed as a major initiative for the laboratory along with LBNE and Project X. IARC will continue to be led by Bob Kephart.

An Office of Partnerships and Technology Transfer has been established to support the increased emphasis on the application of accelerators brought by IARC. This office will assist with the many issues that arise in managing intellectual property and partnerships with industry. This office resides in the Operations Sector, reporting directly to Jack Anderson. While its emphasis initially will be on the IARC programs, it will also provide support to other areas of the laboratory. We will recruit an expert in this area to head the office.

The Office of Project Management Oversight will become Project Support Services, which will be headed by Dean Hoffer, and will be relocated to the Operations Sector. It will continue to assist and train project personnel, help organize reviews and set standards for the management and control of projects. The function of project oversight will be carried out by the Project Oversight Group, constituted by the senior managers of the laboratory and meeting regularly to oversee all projects.

The Office of Quality and Best Practices will be moved under Nancy Grossman’s area, ES&H, which will be renamed ESH&Q. The quality programs are more general than just ES&H but use much of the same methodology. They are closely linked to our emphasis on Human Performance Improvement now being implemented across the laboratory.

In upcoming issues of Fermilab Today you will learn more details about how these various changes will help us be more effective and streamline some of our operations. We are implementing these changes largely by redeploying existing resources, though there will be a few additional personnel required as the IARC and Technology Transfer functions grow in the laboratory.