Thanks and appreciation

The Fermilab Director Search Committee town hall meeting, chaired by Norm Augustine, seated by the microphone, took place on Dec. 11 in Ramsey Auditorium. Photo: Reidar Hahn

On behalf of all of the members of the Fermilab Director Search Committee, I wish to thank those on the laboratory staff and in the user community who took time to meet with the committee during our two-day, onsite visit last week, as well as those of you who have submitted written comments to us on the search website. The committee especially appreciates the thoughtfulness and candor of the input from meeting participants and correspondents. We are in admiration of the community’s deep interest in the future of Fermilab, and in the selection of the next director as a leader of both the laboratory and the field.

Your comments and suggestions are extremely valuable as the committee continues its process of broadly soliciting and assessing input on the search for the next Fermilab director. For those who have not had the opportunity to provide input to the committee, we invite you to submit comments by visiting the search website or, if you prefer, by contacting an individual committee member.

With appreciation and best wishes for the holidays,

Norm Augustine, Chair,
Fermilab Director Search Committee


Editor’s note: The Fermilab Director Search Committee town hall meeting that was held on Dec. 11 in Ramsey Auditorium is available for viewing online. The one-hour-long video features former Lockheed Martin chairman and CEO Norman Augustine, chair of the Search Committee, moderating a discussion with fellow committee members regarding the search process. The video also includes a question-and-answer session with audience members. For more information on the search for Fermilab’s new director, please visit the Director Search website.