Updated suspect/counterfeit training

Suspect/counterfeit items (S/CI) continue to be identified on a routine basis at Fermilab and throughout the DOE complex. It is important for laboratory staff to remain vigilant and knowledgeable about ways to prevent S/CI from being used. Fermilab has streamlined and improved its S/CI training, and thus two revised courses are available depending on job responsibilities.

  • Suspect/Counterfeit Item Identification (TRAIN course FN000415) develops an awareness of key indicators of S/CI components and the individual’s role in identification of S/CI. This course is intended for the first-line receivers, installers and users of potential S/CI.
  • Suspect/Counterfeit Item Program (course FN000416) develops knowledge of the scope of S/CI issues and the Fermilab and DOE procedures for preventing S/CI from being introduced. This course is intended for those who require a general knowledge of at-risk S/CI components and the Fermilab S/CI control procedures.

Both courses are now available online. Supervisors should review their employees’ ITNAs to ensure that S/CI training is listed for those who require it.