Work process controls

Quality assurance representatives recently completed work processes assessments at the laboratory.

The Office of Quality and Best Practices is pleased to report the successful completion of Fermilab’s work processes assessment.

Between April and September 2012, OQBP, along with division/section/center quality assurance representatives (D/S/C QARs), completed a series of work processes assessments. They evaluated the implementation and effectiveness of quality assurance controls for work processes in three Fermilab sections. Assessment teams comprising D/S/C QARs and OQBP quality assurance engineers conducted the assessments by interview, observation and examination of documents, databases, records and Individual Training Needs Assessments. The assessment teams reviewed nuclear materials control and accountability (ESH&Q), receiving (BSS) and compensation (FI) work processes to determine compliance with quality requirements and effectiveness of implementation. In the course of the assessments, the teams interviewed 12 individuals.

The results show that the work processes reviewed in the sections assessed met and effectively implemented the work processes requirements specified in Chapter Five of the Integrated Quality Assurance document. All three sections assessed had effectively implemented local documented procedures to control the work they performed. Although document and records control issues were identified within the assessed organizations, they were isolated and therefore were not classified as findings of noncompliance.

Based on a limited sampling of Fermilab work processes, these are very good results. In addition to those listed in the Integrated Quality Assurance Document, work process procedures may be available within each D/S/C. Contact your quality assurance representative if you have questions about work process control or to see what resources may be available.

Thomas King, senior quality assurance engineer