Electrical and piping work for new cryoplant nearly complete

Workers have installed water and cryogenic piping and electrical infrastructure (switchboards and conduits) in the CMTF compressor building. Photo: Jerry Leibfritz, AD

Since the construction of the CMTF building was completed in December 2011, teams of union electricians and pipefitters have been busy at work installing the infrastructure required for the new cryogenic plant that will take up residence in the building. Preparations to begin commissioning the helium compressors are nearly complete, with initial start-up scheduled to begin next month. Work on the infrastructure needed for delivery of the cryogenic refrigerator is also winding down.

The electrical and piping infrastructure is an important element of almost any new project of this type, one that is often less publicized even though it can represent a substantial portion of the project effort and cost. Approximately 2,600 man-hours of electrician labor and 3,600 man-hours of pipefitter labor have gone into this effort to date.

Cryogenic piping in CMTF building is nearly complete. Photo: Jerry Leibfritz, AD